Presentation at AACR

STORM Therapeutics Presents STC-15 Preclinical Data


Data demonstrates that STC-15, an oral METTL3 inhibitor, exhibits efficacy as a single agent and in combination with venetoclax using patient-derived tumor models. STC-15 Phase 1 study in solid tumors aims to identify doses and regimen for potential clinical studies in AML and solid tumors.

STORM Therapeutics Ltd. (STORM), the clinical stage biotechnology company discovering and developing novel small molecule therapies targeting RNA modifying enzymes (RMEs) for oncology and other diseases, presented new data on its lead candidate, the METTL3 inhibitor STC-15. The new data in AML preclinical models was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Special Conference: Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome, hosted in Austin, Texas on the 2325 January.

The presentation entitled “STC-15, a novel METTL3 inhibitor, and its combination with venetoclax confer anti-tumour activity in AML models” detailed the study of the pharmacological inhibition of METTL3 as monotherapy or in combination with venetoclax (FDA approved for AML treatment) in models of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in vitro and in vivo.

Storm’s Preclinical Data Demonstrates:

1.     STC-15 inhibited proliferation in some AML cell lines with sub- micromolar IC50 values

2.     STC-15 inhibited the growth of 12 patient-derived AML samples in vitro with IC50 values reflecting a mean of approximately 1 micromolar

3.     STC-15 reduced BCL2 protein levels in a dose-dependent manner in the majority of AML cell lines tested

4.     STC-15 showed synergistic inhibition of tumor cell growth in vitro when combined with venetoclax

5.     In an AML patient-derived in vivo model, STC-15 extended survival when compared to a vehicletreated control group and a venatoclax-treated group of animals

6.     In addition, STC-15 showed a decrease in circulating human CD45+ cells and decreased spleen weight when compared to vehicle treated animals

STORMS lead candidate STC-15 is advancing its ongoing Phase 1 study. The details of the study can be found on under the identifier NCT05584111.

We are excited to present this new data with patient-derived tumor samples supporting the future clinical development of STC-15 in AML

Jerry McMahon, CEO & President of STORM Therapeutics