Scipio bioscience launches commercialization in Europe of Asteria, its RNA sequencing kit


Scipio bioscience announces the launch in Europe of Asteria©, its innovative kit for sequencing RNA on individual cells on lab benchtops

Scipio bioscience announces the launch in Europe of Asteria©, its innovative kit for sequencing RNA on individual cells, based on its novel hydrogel technology that allows academic researchers, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical groups to extract genetic information cell by cell, directly on their lab benchtops.

With its Asteria© hydrogel technology, Scipio bioscience is creating a new standard in the field of RNA sequencing, a market estimated at $4.2 billion in 2024.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need for accessible and easy-to-use tools to quickly understand diseases and then effectively develop diagnostic test, vaccines, and treatments.

For Pierre Walrafen, co-founder and CEO of Scipio bioscience, "The Asteria© Scipio bioscience kit revolutionizes access to RNA sequencing. lt provides assurance for researchers around the world that their samples of rare and fragile cells can be processed immediately after collection, without requiring preservation nor transport that could alter the transcriptome and other genetic data. The kit also reduces the logistical nightmare and costs associated with expensive shared equipment."

Based on the invention of Prof. Stuart Edelstein, the result of four years of research and development in collaboration with the teams of the Paris Brain Institute, Asteria© is a major innovation. Supplied with Cytonaut©, a bioinformatics analysis platform created specifically for biologists without expertise in bioinformatics, the kit is a complete solution to allow all researchers to easily access individual cell sequencing.

Sequencing on individual cells brings a fundamental perspective to all human and animal biology research: it makes it possible to extract rich and relevant genetic information from each of the cells of a population or a patient biopsy. Researchers can track, cell by cell, the progression of pathologies such as cancer, and understand the stages of development of the cells involved and explore the complexity of the immune system. The adoption of this technology was previously hampered because of its lack of accessibility and the logistical and financial constraints associated with the instruments.

"Our Cytonaut© analysis software is a powerful, cloud-based solution that complements our turnkey offer" commented Prof. Stuart Edelstein, Co-founder and Scientific Director of Scipio bioscience. "lt al/ows researchers to process and visualize dato immediately after sequencing. Being fully aware of the difficulties faced by researchers in obtaining dato and finding answers to camp/ex biological questions, I am delighted to see our reagent kit complemented by such wll1-designed software."