CEGYR leads as first fertility clinic globally to use Future Fertility’s AI-powered egg assessment on all cycles


Latin America has captured international attention due to its popularity as a destination for medical tourism and a surging demand for fertility services

Following their milestone 40th anniversary celebration, CEGYR, one of Latin America’s oldest and largest fertility clinics, has announced a groundbreaking move to use Future Fertility's AI-powered oocyte assessments on every treatment cycle.

With this large-scale adoption, they will be the first clinic globally to provide personalised oocyte quality insights to every egg freezing and IVF-ICSI patient, through VIOLET™ and MAGENTA™ reports, which have been tailored to each patient type, respectively.

In addition, oocyte assessments will be performed on all donor eggs to ensure quality control and balance within batches.

CEGYR’s announcement comes during a period of strong growth within the Latin American fertility market, which has captured international attention due to its increasing popularity as a destination for medical tourism and a surging demand for fertility services that continues to be underserved in this region.

Under the guidance of Dr Sergio Papier, a globally respected expert in reproductive medicine, CEGYR has earned a reputation for its leadership in scientific research within the field.

Additionally, the clinic has recently launched a precision medicine unit, which offers patients more personalised treatments leveraging advanced technologies like Future Fertility’s AI solutions.

This approach aims to enhance individual outcomes, marking another significant step in their commitment to elevating fertility care standards.

Dr Papier did highlight, however, that the current standard for oocyte quality assessment is ripe for change.

“CEGYR recognises how pivotal oocytes are to fertility success, and there has been a need for an improved standard of care in assessing oocyte quality beyond the use of population health statistics.

“Future Fertility’s tools were a natural choice for us in driving this change for our patients, as they are internationally recognised leaders in this area.

“They’ve put in the work to validate their model’s performance across many markets globally and have also validated across both time-lapse and microscope-based image capture to serve different lab set-ups.”

CEGYR’s decision to integrate Future Fertility’s AI-powered oocyte quality assessment tools into all their cycles not only marks a significant milestone for the clinic but also underscores the ongoing transformation of Latin America’s fertility landscape.

With advanced technologies and precision medicine, the region is poised to provide world-class fertility care, attracting patients seeking effective and innovative solutions for their reproductive health from around the globe.

We’re excited to partner with an esteemed and globally renowned institution like CEGYR as we pave the way to a new standard of care in oocyte assessment for Latin America

Christy Prada, Future Fertility’s CEO

“As this is the first time a partner has adopted our technology across all cycles, we’re keen to work with CEGYR to understand how this scaled technology adoption can drive clinic-wide benefits, from lab efficiencies to improved patient experience.”

Other clinics within the Eugin Group, the international parent network of CEGYR, have also integrated Future Fertility’s technology.

In Toronto, TRIO Fertility, a longstanding partner of Future Fertility, has recently introduced the commercial use of MAGENTA™ oocyte quality reports for their IVF patients.

The team at TRIO were also early adopters of VIOLET™ assessments for their egg freezing patients at their original facility and have since incorporated these personalised oocyte outcome predictions into all cycles at their newly established clinic, EVOLVE, dedicated exclusively to egg freezing.