Electroninks Partners with Citrine Informatics to Develop Enhanced Silver Ink Using AI-Assisted R&D


Electroninks Inc., the leader in particle-free conductive metal inks and advanced materials, today announced a redevelopment of their signature particle-free silver ink for aerosol jet printing applications enabled by Citrine Informatics’ AI-guided R&D platform.

“Citrine’s groundbreaking AI-assisted software platform will help enhance not only our silver ink, but eventually all of our particle-free inks for new and existing customers,” said Yuan Gu, senior scientist at Electroninks. “In the future, we plan to use the same technology to enhance our gold and copper inks as well.”

Leveraging The Citrine Platform, Electroninks enhanced their particle-free silver ink, decreasing resistivity to ~3.2 uohm-cm (50% bulk silver) at 80°C curing temperature. The newly developed silver ink can be instantly cured on the hot plate while printing, eliminating the need for post curing. Additionally, Citrine’s AI technology can be used to develop novel formulations and improve existing ink formulations such as gold and copper.

“Electroninks is a market and technical leader in particle-free conductive inks,” said Will Erwin, data scientist at Citrine Informatics. “They had already established a high-performing particle-free ink with their conductive silver ink, and we’re proud to have expedited additional performance improvements with the Citrine Platform.”

Electroninks has developed particle-free inks to create a substance that can withstand high temperatures and humidity conditions to be used for a variety of applications. Electroninks’ particle-free inks have a 100% reliability test record, and is the only company delivering this type of performance with gold and platinum.

Electroninks particle-free conductive inks can achieve conductivities up to 90% of bulk silver with low annealing temperatures for flexible and stretchable substrates. Electroninks has the only true HVM particle-free metal complex ink on the market that enables performance, pricing and various applications for conductive inks. Electroninks’ metal complex inks are a direct replacement for nanoparticle inks, metal paste and sputtered or deposited metals.

Unlike traditional metallized inks, Electroninks’ particle-free inks – including silver, gold, platinum, nickel and copper – deliver higher conductivity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. These benefits make Electroninks’ products ideal for the design and manufacturing of today's smaller, lighter, more highly functional electronic products as well as agile manufacturing and rapid maintenance needs.