Calypso Biotech

Calypso Biotech is the third spin-off company from the EPP Fund. The company is developing antibody therapeutics against niche gastro-intestinal immune disorders, such as refractory celiac disease and Crohn`s Disease. Calypso Biotech is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Merck KGaA spinoff licenses IBD drug to Eisai joint venture

Merck KGaA spinoff Calypso Biotech has licensed its inflammatory bowel disease candidate to EA Pharma, a joint venture between Eisai and Ajinomoto. The agreement gives EA Pharma the global license to anti-MMP-9 monoclonal antibody CALY-001.

Calypso Biotech licenses CALY-001 best-in-class anti-MMP-9 antibody to EA Pharma

Calypso Biotech SA announced today that it has entered a global licensing and collaboration agreement with EA Pharma Co., Ltd. to develop CALY-001, a best-in-class anti-MMP-9 fully human monoclonal antibody.

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