Jump start your career into the VC world

Are you interested in learning the ins and outs of a venture fund at the forefront of science and technology?
Are you a scientist or an entrepreneur and ever wonder how venture firms scout for new ideas, analyze companies, and support their portfolio companies?
Then the M Ventures Fellowship might be right up your ally!

M Ventures is looking for candidates with an excellent scientific background, early business experience, and an entrepreneurial spirit to join our six months fellowship program in our headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Over the course of six months you will become engaged in the entire life cycle of startups that enter the innovation pipeline of our fund. Using your scientific background, you will scout new ventures and perform analyses of innovation landscapes. In our deal flow meetings, you will discuss startups and help select
those that make it into the deeper due diligence stage. Here you will help our team examining the smallest details of prospective investments and compile your findings in investment proposals. On top, you will gain experiences in the support of portfolio companies and help prepare follow-on investments or exit
strategies. For all tasks you will work closely with our associates and our senior management.
In addition, as an M Venture Fellow you are encouraged to pursue your own venture ideas and expand the expertise of our team. In our VentureLabs program, previous Fellows have explored topics like quantum computing, blockchains, or synthetic biology and pushed our team to investigate investment in those spaces.

To further guide you on your professional trajectory you can tap into our fast growing group of Fellow alumni and connect with other investors and entrepreneurs
in our network. While we count on you to enrich our team with your skills, the educational focus of our fellowship program is thought to help you enter the world
of venture capital, either as a future entrepreneur or investor.

For more information shoot us an email at:

For Healthcare: Bauke
For Life Science: Ricardo
For Performance Materials: Daniel
For New Businesses: Daniel