Noga Yerushalmi

Investment Director

M Ventures BioIncubator Interlab
South Industrial Area
18 HaKishon St.
Yavne 81220

Noga Yerushalmi, PhD, is the Head of the Israel Bioincubator, and an Investment Director of the Biotechnology team. Noga joined the team in January 2017, bringing more than 20 years of experience in the Israeli Biotech industry. Noga is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University, and did her postdoctoral fellowship at NIH, USA. Prior to M Ventures, Noga was heading the high throughput discovery at Zetiq, heading the therapeutic team at Rosetta Genomics, VP R&D at miCure therapeutics and more. Later Noga joined the FutuRx incubator as scouting and business development lead, and was instrumental in identifying opportunities as well as company creation. Noga also serves as a member of the investment committee at AION labs, representing Merck. Noga is based in Yavne.