Nucleome has the unique ability to discover and validate first-in-class targets through genetics in the dark genome. Understanding the role of these genetic variants has been a long-standing challenge, hindering the translation of the human genome into useful drug discovery insights.

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M Ventures leads oversubscribed £37.5 million Series A financing of Nucleome Therapeutics

Nucleome Therapeutics raises oversubscribed £37.5 million Series A financing to decode the dark matter of the human genome and deliver first-in-class precision medicines
• Financing led by M Ventures alongside other new investors JJDC, Pfizer Ventures and British Patient Capital, and including founding investor Oxford Science Enterprises
• Nucleome’s pioneering platform seeks to identify direct genetic linkages to disease-associated genes for drug discovery
• Funds will advance Nucleome’s autoimmune disease programmes and fuel expansion of its dark genome atlas

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