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Mosa Meat is set on the mission to create an affordable, steady, and secure supply of meat products without slaughtering livestock. Mosa Meat’s technology development centres around adapting already widely deployed bioengineering techniques to develop an end-to-end industrial process for cultured meat production. Mosa Meat will focus on developing commercially viable cultured beef mince as the first product, and will develop 3D structured cultured beef product and other meat products in the medium to long term. Mosa Meat was co-founded in 2016 as a spin-off company from Maastricht University by Peter Verstrate and Prof. Mark Post, who in 2013 presented and cooked the world’s first cultured beef burger in London.

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Mosa Meat raises Series B funding to prepare for large-scale cultured meat production

Mosa Meat announced the first closing of $55M as part of a larger Series B funding round


Series A fundraising sees first investment in the field by the corporate venture capital of aleading science and technology company, and funding from Switzerland’s largest meat producer.

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