Electroninks has commercialized particle-free metal complex conductive inks for printed electronics and semiconductor markets. Electroninks works with world-class partners, customers and OEMs to integrate conductive inks into high-volume manufacturing of electronic components.


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Electroninks Partners with Citrine Informatics to Develop Enhanced Silver Ink Using AI-Assisted R&D

Electroninks Inc., the leader in particle-free conductive metal inks and advanced materials, today announced a redevelopment of their signature particle-free silver ink for aerosol jet printing applications enabled by Citrine Informatics’ AI-guided R&D platform.

Electroninks Announces Production-Scale Availability of Full Suite of Metal Complex Conductive Ink Solutions

Electroninks, Inc., today announced the production-scale availability of its full suite of proprietary metal organic decomposition (MOD) conductive metal ink solutions. In addition to bringing standalone ink products to market, Electroninks is also bringing total solutions to the customer with its line of ink products, including its own small (desktop) prototype additive manufacturing solution for rapid on-demand printed circuit board (PCB) printing and repair, called CircuitJet.

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