Concerto Biosciences rebuilds microbial communities in, on, and around us to heal our bodies and our planet. Products that rebuild microbial communities do not yet exist because no one can map the vast inter-species interaction networks responsible for community behavior. Concerto’s cofounders invented kChip, the first-ever ultra-high-throughput platform to experimentally measure millions of microbial interactions. Using kChip data, Concerto can map interaction networks that reveal a new class of products it calls “ensembles”—combinations of microbes that work in concert to shepherd damaged microbial communities to health.

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Concerto Biosciences Raises $23 Million in Series A

Concerto Biosciences Raises $23 Million in Series A to Advance Product Development, Expand Pipeline
With funding round by M Ventures, Safar Partners and Horizons Ventures Concerto progresses vision to reinvent humanity’s relationship with microbes

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