Rewind Therapeutics

Rewind Therapeutics is developing novel re-myelinating therapies for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other myelin-related diseases. In close collaboration with KU Leuven’s Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3), Axxam S.p.A. and a world-class academic network, Rewind Therapeutics aspires to advance innovative first-in-class therapies to the clinic. Rewind Therapeutics is based in Leuven, Belgium.

Team Members
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Alicia Irurzun-Lafitte
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Cheryl Zimberlin
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Rewind Therapeutics appoints leading neuroscience drug developer Ian J. Reynolds as Chief Executive Officer

Rewind Therapeutics (“Rewind”), a private Belgian biotech company developing innovative first-in-class therapies for myelin-related diseases announces the appointment of Ian J. Reynolds as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rewind Therapeutics secures 15.2 M EURO to develop novel remyelination therapies
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