Macrophage Pharma

Macrophage Pharma is an immuno-oncology company focussed on the discovery and development of novel therapies designed to enhance anti-tumour immune responses.
Macrophage Pharma’s technology platform is designed to deliver small molecule drugs to tumour associated macrophages in a highly selective manner to activate the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer.

Team Members
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Alicia Irurzun-Lafitte
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Hakan Goker
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Cheryl Zimberlin
Latest News Entry
Macrophage Pharma Appoints Dr Michael Moore as Chairman

Macrophage Pharma Limited (‘MPL’) announced today that it has appointed Dr. Michael Moore as non-executive Chairman with immediate effect.

Macrophage Pharma Limited Extends Series A Round to Include New Investor Merck Ventures

Merck Ventures Joins Investment Syndicate and the Board of Macrophage

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